Welcome to the Road to Web3

Learn about Alchemy's Road to Web3 series, a 10-week, self-paced web3 developer program to help new blockchain devs go from beginner to advanced.

Welcome to #RoadToWeb3, a 10-week, self-paced blockchain developer program to help you build full projects FAST.

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Road to Web3 Learning Challenges

Here are links to each of the learning challenges in the Road to Web 3 Series.

  1. How to Develop an NFT Smart Contract (ERC721) with Alchemy
  2. How to Build a "Buy Me a Coffee" DeFi dApp
  3. How to Make NFTs with On-chain Metadata with Hardhat and Javascript
  4. How to Create an NFT Gallery
  5. How to Create a Dynamic NFT
  6. How to Build a Staking dApp
  7. How to Build an NFT Marketplace from Scratch
  8. How to Build a Betting Game on Optimism
  9. How to Build a Token Swap Dapp with 0x API
  10. How to Create a Decentralized Twitter with Lens Protocol

Why should I join the Road to Web3?

The Road to Web3 is the fastest and most fun way to learn web3 development. Why?

  1. Join 5,000+ other developers who are learning every week
  2. Answer quizzes on Discord, make new friends on Telegram, win swag
  3. Learn new programming skills and tools with a project-based curriculum
  4. Build your reputation as a web3 dev with Proof of Knowledge NFTs

How do I sign up for Road to Web3?

Complete these four steps to get started with our web3 developer community:

1. Create an Alchemy Account

Creating a free Alchemy account gives you access to a HUGE selection of web3 development tools to build and deploy decentralized applications, completely for free!

2. Subscribe to Alchemy's YouTube Channel

This is where we'll be uploading all of the video tutorial content in the Road to Web3 playlist. Subscribe to the Alchemy YouTube channel so you never miss a new web3 tutorial.

3. Join Discord

Join the Alchemy University Discord Server and look for the Road to Web3 category of channels to connect with thousands of blockchain developers, students, peers, and teammates.

4. Join Telegram

Join the Road to Web3 Telegram channel for extra challenges, fast updates, additional resources from the community, and to interact with fellow web3 pioneers.

How can we improve?

We are always looking to improve this learning journey. Tweet at us and let us know what we can do better!

General Links


1. Reflect on your project

Tell us about you and your project in your published reflection. You MUST answer ALL of these questions:

  1. Who are you, and what is your software development background?
  2. Why did you want to complete this lesson?
  3. When did you complete the project?
  4. What technologies did you use?
  5. What did you enjoy about the tutorial?
  6. How do you think you can use this technology to build useful applications in the future? What are some specific example applications?
  7. Who would you recommend this project to?

2. Publish your reflection

Publish your reflection online! Share your responses to the questions listed in step 2 below, by posting to one of the following places:

Tag the @AlchemyLearn Twitter community AND include a link to https://university.alchemy.com/ in your published post. Share the link to your post in the forum here.

3. Engage with the community!

Share your reflection in the Alchemy University Discord server.

Celebrate your fellow Road to Web3 and Alchemy University devs! Comment on each others' posts, call out cool projects, and upvote the projects you think are the best. Learning happens best when we learn and interact with each other.