Web3 Tutorials Overview

Learn How to Build Anything in Web3. Whether you're new to Web3 or an expert Shadowy Super Coder - learn how to get started and level up your development with endless Web3 tutorials and guides.

🚀 Getting Started

Learn how to get started with Alchemy and set up core web3 development tools. As a bonus, also learn about the development best practices.

💳 Wallet Set Up

The first thing you need for web3 development is a web3 wallet. Learn how to set up a web3 wallet and supercharge it by adding an Alchemy RPC endpoint to it!

✨ Alchemy University

Alchemy University is the ultimate ecosystem for learning how to build and interact with web3. We aim to teach you everything you need to know to start building in web3, from hands-on, comprehensive boot camps to starter code that expedites your workflow. Check out the learning paths below:

  1. JavaScript Fundamentals
  2. Ethereum Developer Bootcamp
  3. Solidity Course

✍️ Creating Smart Contracts

Learn how to create smart contracts from scratch on blockchains such as Ethereum, Solana, and Arbitrum.

🎨 NFTs

In this series of tutorials, you will learn everything you need to know about NFTs, for example, airdropping nfts, using Alchemy's NFT API, creating on-chain and off-chain NFT allowlists, creating token-gated communities, and much more!

💰 DeFi

This section is full of knowledge about DeFi, from working with ERC-20 tokens to running ETH 2.0 staking node with Alchemy. We got you covered!

💸 Transactions

Transactions are the most important aspect of blockchains, pretty much everything is done through transactions, from sending the cryptocurrencies to interacting with the smart contracts. In this section, you will learn how to send transactions, get transaction history, query transaction data, and much more!

📣 Streaming Data

Learn how to use Alchemy webhooks to stream real-time data. You will learn how to integrate Alchemy webhooks with zapier, creating whale alerts, and sending real-time transaction notifications to dapps.

👾 Diving Deeper into Solidity

Dive deeper into Solidity concepts and learn about smart contract storage layout, interpreting binaries in solidity, and verifying a message signature on Ethereum.

🖥 Understanding the EVM

Explore the EVM from the inside out, learn about archive data, uncle blocks, upgrading Ethereum nodes, Ethereum miner rewards, EIP-1559 and deploying a contract to the same address on multiple networks!

🛠SDKs and Libraries

Learn how to work with libraries such as Ethers.js and Web3.js.

🖼️ Frontend Tutorials

Learn how to build beautiful web3 dapps with our front-end tutorials!

👯‍♀️ Community Tutorials

Learn from awesome writers in the web3 space. Click here to learn from community contributors or click on the next page below!