Alchemy ChatGPT Plugin User Guide

Learn how to access and use Alchemy's ChatGPT Plugin: a tool that converts natural language to API requests to read on-chain data.


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Welcome to the User Guide for the Alchemy ChatGPT Plugin. This guide aims to provide you with a clear understanding of the Alchemy ChatGPT plugin, including instructions on how to access and use it, as well as an overview of its use cases and limitations.

What is the Alchemy ChatGPT Plugin?

The Alchemy ChatGPT Plugin is a tool to get blockchain data through natural language. For example, you can ask it to get the current balance of vitalik.eth and it will show you the balance. It is currently supported on Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum and Optimism.

How to access the Plugin?


Plugin is in Beta

The Alchemy ChatGPT plugin is currently in beta and invite-only. You can sign up for the waitlist here.

The following instructions are applicable when the Alchemy plugin is in public access - stay tuned!

Please note that ChatGPT plugins are only available to a sub-section of ChatGPT Plus subscribers.

If you are a ChatGPT Plus subscriber but don’t have access to Plugins, you can sign up for the Plugin waitlist. If you are not a ChatGPT Plus subscriber you can manage your subscription at

The Alchemy plugin is currently invite only. You can sign up for the waitlist to gain early access. Assuming you already have access to plugins, you can install the Alchemy plugin from the Plugin Store

What data is retrievable?

The plugin uses Alchemy's state of the art web3 APIs under the hood to get real-time blockchain data. Due to ChatGPT’s context limit, not all Alchemy APIs are currently being used. The information that you can get using this plugin includes:

  • Account Balances
  • NFT Ownership Data
  • ETH / ERC20 / NFT Transfer Data
  • Transaction Details
  • NFT Metadata ( Floor Price, Image, Last sale price etc. )
  • ERC20 Token balances
  • ERC20 Token Metadata ( Token Image, Supply, decimals etc. )
  • Block data of current and previously mined blocks
  • Fee data according to current network conditions

API Methods

The Alchemy plugin is trained on the following API methods:

Test Prompts

Here are some of the prompts that you can use to try the Plugin right now:

  • Show me all the NFTs minted by X address (or ENS domain).
  • Can you show me that most recent nft sold?
    • what was the price of that nft?
    • what was the gast cost of minting that nft?
  • Show me all the NFT / ERC20 / ETH transfers from X address to Y address.
  • Get all the ERC20 tokens owned by X address.
  • What's the current suggested fee for sending transactions?
  • Show me all the NFTs owned by X address.

What are the Plugin Limitations?

Due to ChatGPT’s plugin context limit, there are some limitations with the Plugin right now:

  • Response character limit: Requests that result in a large number of transactions or data may cause the response to fail since ChatGPT has a character limit of 100k.
    • Workaround: specify a smaller block range to reduce response size.
    • Example: instead of prompting, “Get all the ERC20 transfers by vitalik.eth” you can prompt “Get all the ERC20 transfers by vitalik.eth after block 16000000” ( This can also be a block range i.e. after X block and before Y block ).
  • API suite: Due to chatGPT's context limit, the plugin is only trained on a fixed set of API methods (listed above)
    • Workaround: as the plugin context limit increases we will continue to add more API methods. Please fill out this form if you have specific methods you'd like to see supported in the future.
    • Example: instead of prompting, “Get me all of the event logs in the latest block" (uses eth_getLogs) you can prompt “Get me all of the transfer events in the latest block”
  • Real-time off-chain data: the plugin only supports real-time on-chain data that the supported APIs are able to provide.
    • Example: "What is the current price of ETH in USD” is not a question that the plugin can handle. You'll need to use another resource to get this info.

Give us feedback!

If you have any feedback or feature requests regarding the Alchemy ChatGPT Plugin please fill out this form 🙏