Alchemy Notify

Alchemy Notify gives your users the UX they demand and deserve.

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1. 📈 Increase User Engagement

Increases user engagement and retention by improving overall UX dramatically.

2. ✔️ Easy Integration

No crazy infrastructure or complicated processes, engage your users in less than 15 minutes. Create a new hook in 1-click, configure, then start notifying.

3. 🔍 Rich Developer Insights

Get access to all of the events your users care about, like mined and dropped transactions, plus powerful webhooks to instantly notify you when these events happen.

😫 Problem: Notifications don't exist in blockchain

  • UX and lack of relevant notifications are one of the biggest inhibitors to the growth of blockchain apps.
  • Getting the information required to notify users about web3 events is complicated and requires large amounts of dev time and extra infrastructure.
  • It’s impossible for developers to trigger notifications for important events like dropped transactions.

😃 Solution: Alchemy Notify

Alchemy Notify enables you to send relevant, timely notifications on the most important Web3 events with the following benefits:

  • Starts working with a two-click creation process, doing all the hard work for you.
  • Has built-in notifications for mined transactions, dropped transactions, and smart contract events.


Let your users know exactly when their deposits, purchases, in-game actions, or other on-chain activity has officially occurred — the perfect time to re-engage and keep using your application.

Let your users respond immediately when transactions fail, eliminating the most frustrating part of blockchain UX. No more missed trades, lost auctions, or disappearing tokens.

Let your users know when transaction activity occurs on their address. No more refreshing the page or having to watch each new block and create custom filters to track user’s data. The Address Activity webhooks include notifications for the following types of transfers:

  1. External Transfers
  2. Internal Transfers
  3. ERC20 Transfers
  4. NFT Transfers (ERC721 and ERC1155)

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