Gas Manager Services

An overview of the benefits and potential use cases of a Gas Manager.



Check out how to run our Gas Manager API here. To note, this is limited to private beta.

What is a Gas Manager?

A Gas Manager enables dApps and companies to sponsor or subsidize gas and other payments on behalf of the user, abstracting away the complexity of handling cryptocurrency payments and instead relying on Alchemy’s Gas Manager service to manage the process.

There are many benefits to using a Gas Manager:

  • Attracting new users: Many users are intimidated by “gas fees” and the complexity of web3. Gas Managers ( Paymasters ) now make web3 more accessible, and users no longer will have to worry about holding cryptocurrency to pay fees.
  • Enhanced security: Gas Manager validates the authenticity of transactions and ensures that payments are executed only when specific conditions are met. Thus reducing fraud and errors.
  • Customizable rules: You now have the ability to set rules and limits for sponsored gas fees through the dashboard.

Overall, Gas Manager services can be a valuable tool for web2 and web3 companies looking to improve the user experience and onboard the next wave of users.

Gas Manager Use Cases

  • Minting or buying an NFT: Gas Manager services can enable end-users to make purchases without needing to manually handle gas fees
  • Sending payments to multiple recipients: Gas Manager services can facilitate payments to multiple recipients, such as splitting a payment between multiple parties or sending payments to a group of contributors for a crowdfunding campaign without exposing the end user to the concept of gas
  • Participating in DeFi: Gas Manager services can enable end-users to participate in DeFi applications, such as yield farming or liquidity provision, while sponsoring users gas for certain purchases

Payment Plan

To enable gas abstraction, add your billing information in the Alchemy Dashboard. Once enabled, you will be billed with a detailed invoice at the end of each month. There will be a monthly limit to the gas you can sponsor for the Beta launch. Please see below for limit details.

  • Total Team Gas Limit
    • Growth Tier: $100
    • Enterprise Tier: $1,000
  • Total Team Policy Creation Limits
    • 10 per team

If you would like a gas limit increase, don't hesitate to contact [email protected]

Coming Soon

As we continue to develop and enhance our Gas Manager services, we're excited to announce some upcoming features:

  • Admin APIs for Gas Policies Management: In the near future, we will be introducing Gas Manager Admin APIs that will allow you to programmatically manage gas policies.
  • Stablecoin Paymasters: We understand that flexibility is key when it comes to handling payments. That's why we're working on enabling users to pay for gas with any stablecoin.
  • ERC20 Gas Managers: To further increase the range of payment options available to users, we will also be introducing ERC20 Gas Managers. This will allow users to pay for gas with any ERC20 token, providing even greater flexibility and convenience.