Gas Manager APIs

An overview of the concept of Gas Manager, its benefits and Alchemy's Gas Manager APIs.



To get started with our Gas Manager APIs check out Gas Manager Coverage API Quickstart

What is a Gas Manager?

A Gas Manager or Paymaster is an onchain contract that allows an entity to sponsor the gas fees for another entity. It can be used by dapps or companies to abstract away the concept of gas from their users. This significantly enhances the UX of dapps and can help onboard the next wave of Web3 users.

Benefits of Using a Gas Manager

Gas managers are valuable for web3 companies that want to enhance user experiences and attract more users.

1. Attracting New Users

Gas fees can complicate participating in web3 for new users. However, Gas Managers make web3 more accessible because dapps can reduce the user's worry about owning a chain's native currency by sponsoring gas fees.

2. Enhanced Security

Gas Managers authenticate transactions and ensure payments are carried out only when specific conditions are fulfilled. This significantly reduces the chances of fraud and errors.

3. Customizable Rules

Gas Manager's allow developers to set specific rules for sponsoring your user's gas fees. This means devs can determine when and how the gas fees will be sponsored.

Get Started Using Alchemy's Gas Manager



Please note that using aa-sdk to sponsor UserOperations is the simplest way to access Gas Manager without dealing directly with the raw APIs.

Alchemy's Gas Manager allows web3 application developers to sponsor their user's gas fees, ensuring a smooth experience. Here are some resources for you to get started with our Gas Manager:

  • How to Create a Gas Manager Policy: Creating a gas manager policy is the first step for using Gas Manager. Gas Manager polices are rules that define how and when you will sponsor your users' gas fees. This is a step-by-step guide explaining how to create gas manager policies through your Alchemy dashboard.

  • Gas Manager Coverage API Quickstart: The Gas Manager Coverage API is a set of methods that allow you to sponsor your users' gas fees. This guide explains how you can start using this API.

  • Gas Manager Coverage API Fee Logic and Limits: Fee logic, monthly base limits, and limit increases for Gas Manager Coverage API.

  • Gas Manager Admin API Quickstart: A quick guide explaining how to use Gas Manager Admin API, which is a REST API with endpoints for programmatically creating, updating and managing your gas policies.

  • How to create access keys: Access keys are required to use the Gas Manager Admin API as they are sent in the auth header of requests. This tutorial explains how you can create access keys for your account.

  • Gas Manager Deployment Addresses: Deployment addresses of our Gas Manager on the available networks.

Gas Manager Roadmap

As we continue to enhance our Gas Manager APIs, here are some exciting features we're working on:

  • Stablecoin Gas Managers - allow users to pay for gas using stablecoins

  • ERC20 Gas Managers - allow users to pay for gas using any ERC20 token