Alchemy API Reference Overview

Overview of Alchemy's API Offerings


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Supported Chains

Alchemy supports both EVM and non-EVM chains, view API references below:

APIs for Web3 Use Cases

Alchemy’s Enhanced API offering is built to optimize your code and make life as a developer way easier. Check out all Enhanced APIs on the Enhanced APIs Overview page.


Instantly find, verify, and display any NFT, across all major blockchains.

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Token API

Easily request information about specific tokens like metadata or wallet balances.

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Transfers API

Fetch historical transactions for any address in one request.

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Transact API

Suite of APIs built to make your transactions more secure, transparent, and faster.

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Trace API

Trace API methods give you access to the most detailed information about on-chain activity.

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Debug API

Get more detailed information and data on transaction behavior.

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Transactions Receipts

Get all transaction receipts for a given block by number or block hash.

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Real-time Event Streams

If you're looking to integrate real-time events into your application check out the following API docs for WebSockets and Webhooks:

Subscription API Quickstart


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Notify API Quickstart


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Account Abstraction Infrastructure

If you're looking to utilize the power of smart contract accounts and abstract away the concept of gas fees from your users check out the following API docs for Bundler and Gas Manager:

Bundler API Quickstart


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Gas Manager API Quickstart

Gas Manager

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Alchemy SDK

The easiest way to connect your dApp to the blockchain and get the power of Alchemy's infrastructure. Just download, write two lines of code, and go.