Smart Contract Basics

Smart contracts are executable code that is run on blockchains like Ethereum. Learn the basics including ABIs, inheritance, unit testing, ERC-20 contracts, and NFTs!

Now that you've got a grasp on Solidity, it's time to learn to about the basics of smart contracts. This section covers all the important properties of developing and deploying smart contracts.

  1. How do smart contracts communicate?
  2. How to Unit Test a Smart Contract
  3. How do smart contract ABIs work?
  4. What are multi-signature contracts?
  5. What is smart contract inheritance?
  6. What is an ERC-20 smart contract?
  7. What are NFT smart contracts?
  8. What are upgradeable smart contracts?

With all of these smart contract basics understood, you'll be start building you're own dapp!

Learn More About Smart Contracts

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