Account Abstraction Overview

Learn about account abstraction, its uses cases and Alchemy's account abstraction services.

Account Abstraction is an innovative concept with the potential to significantly transform the user experience in the web3 space by offering features such as web2-style sign-in, key-less wallet management, and wallet recovery.

Understanding Account Abstraction

Traditional key-management methods, including seed phrases, browser extensions, and hardware wallets, often pose considerable challenges for most users. The vision is to make using web3 so effortless that the average user might not even realize they're using it, yet can still enjoy all of its advantages.

From a technical standpoint, Account Abstraction lets developers create customizable "smart accounts" or programmable wallets. It achieves this by shifting the responsibility of signing transactions from wallets to smart contract accounts. Consequently, the functionality of an account can extend beyond basic balance transfers to facilitate more complex interactions with the blockchain. Examples include executing smart contract code, triggering events, and managing state transitions.

Check out this 3 minute video by Alchemy to understand Account Abstraction:

The Significance of Account Abstraction

Account Abstraction can revolutionize the development of decentralized applications and wallets by giving developers a broader scope to innovate and refine user experience. Some notable advantages are:

  • Customizable Security Protocols: Users can establish flexible security rules tailored to their needs.
  • Account Recovery: In case of key loss, account security can be distributed among trusted entities or devices.
  • Sponsored Gas Costs: It provides the ability for users to pay for others' gas costs or delegate payment to a third party.
  • Batched Transactions: Account abstraction makes it possible for users to make multiple calls within a single user operation, significantly improving the UX of dapps.


At Alchemy, we built a simple, powerful interface for you to integrate, deploy, and use smart accounts in your dapps. The aa-sdk orchestrates everything under the hood to make development easy. Checkout the docs for aa-sdk.

Account Abstraction APIs

For most developers aa-sdk provides a simple and complete solution to take advantage of Account Abstraction, however, if you don't want to use the SDK, you can use the raw APIs to build your dapps.

Here's some more information and helpful links:

  • Gas Manager API: We offer Gas Manager APIs that allow you to sponsor your users' gas fees.
  • Bundler APIs: We offer Bundler API that allows you to use smart contract accounts. Bundler API is powered by our custom built Bundler called Rundler which provides high performance and reliability, it's written in Rust and is completely open source.



Please note that you can sponsor gas and send UserOperations just by using the aa-sdk.

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