Polygon PoS API Quickstart

How to get started building on Polygon PoS and using the JSON-RPC API

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Getting Started Instructions

1. Choose a package manager (npm or yarn)

For this guide, we will be using npm or yarn as our package manager to install either alchemy-sdk or any other packages.


To get started with npm, follow the documentation to install Node.js and npm for your operating system: https://docs.npmjs.com/downloading-and-installing-node-js-and-npm


To get started with yarn, follow these steps: https://classic.yarnpkg.com/lang/en/docs/install

2. Set up your project (npm or yarn)

mkdir alchemy-polygon-api
cd alchemy-polygon-api
npm init --yes
mkdir alchemy-polygon-api
cd alchemy-polygon-api
yarn init --yes

3. Install Alchemy-SDK

Run the following command to install the Alchemy SDK with npm or yarn.

npm install alchemy-sdk
yarn add alchemy-sdk

4. Make your first request

You are all set now to use Polygon PoS API and make your first request. For instance, lets make a request to get latest block. Create an index.js file and paste the following code snippet into the file.

const { Network, Alchemy } = require("alchemy-sdk");

// Optional Config object, but defaults to demo api-key and eth-mainnet.
const settings = {
  apiKey: "demo", // Replace with your Alchemy API Key.
  network: Network.MATIC_MAINNET, // Replace with your network.

const alchemy = new Alchemy(settings);

async function main() {
  const latestBlock = await alchemy.core.getBlockNumber();
  console.log("The latest block number is", latestBlock);


5. Run script

To run the above node script, use cmd node index.js, and you should see the output.

The latest block number is 36250231

Polygon Tutorials

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