Guide 2: How to get started on the Alchemy SDK

A few quick steps to get you up and running with the Alchemy SDK.

The SDK Developer Challenge: What are we here for?

The SDK Developer Challenge is an opportunity to build and learn together, using daily guides to inspire and motivate you to supercharge your app with the SDK.

The SDK will be your secret weapon to help simplify your code so you can build faster.

As you build, submit your project to win prizes.

What could you win? Epic never-before seen Alchemy swag, and $500 in monthly Alchemy credit.

For all of the challenges, you will need to set up a free Alchemy account. This will give you access to the SDK, as well as a HUGE selection of web3 development tools.

Ok, let's go!

Guide 2: How to get started on the Alchemy SDK

The Alchemy SDK makes development easier and lets you build faster

By simplifying your code, you can build faster with the Alchemy SDK. Through its powerful, discoverable interface, bundled in a lightweight Javascript package, the Alchemy SDK is your sleek, ergonomic developer library - connecting you to the blockchain and plugging in web3’s most useful API endpoints.

Follow along with Brian as he walks you how to download the SDK and get started in a few quick steps:

  • Create an Alchemy account
  • Sign in to your Alchemy dashboard
  • Create an API key
  • Install the Alchemy SDK
  • Import the Alchemy object into VS Code
  • Pass in your API key and a development network
  • Learn how to get the current block number
  • Explore the namespaces inside the Alchemy object to access various functionality
  • Fetch all the transactions in the current block