Learn Account Abstraction

A series of tutorials designed to teach you all about Account Abstraction and building dapps with smart contract accounts

Welcome to the "Learn Account Abstraction" tutorial series. In this series, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of Account Abstraction and its implementation in the ERC-4337 ecosystem. From the basics to the advanced techniques, this series covers the essential components needed to work with smart contract accounts and building dapps using them.

Dive into the world of Account Abstraction and explore how various components work together to form the ERC-4337 ecosystem. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned developers, this tutorial offers a foundational overview of the concept.

Master the art of creating your own smart contract account and sending user operations. This tutorial introduces the AA SDK ( Account Kit ) and provides step-by-step guidance on its use.

Discover how to sponsor UserOps with the help of the AA SDK ( Account Kit ) and Gas Manager. This tutorial delves deeper into advanced functionalities of UserOps. Learning this will help you build those "gasless" experiences for the users of your dapp.

Apply everything you learned so far to create a gasless NFT Minter dapp. This tutorial offers a holistic view of creating a full-stack solution, integrating account abstraction for a seamless user experience.

We encourage you to follow the tutorials in sequence for a thorough understanding of Account Abstraction. Whether you are a developer aiming to integrate these features into your applications or a curious learner, this series promises insightful content tailored to your needs. Happy learning!