Alchemy Build

Alchemy Build is a no-configuration in-house suite of developer tools that helps you prototype, debug and ship products faster.

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1. 👩‍💻 Build Faster

Release products faster and save engineering time.

2. 🐞 Debug

Debug new things that were not possible before.

3. 😎 Enhanced Customer Experience

Resolve customer issues faster, creating a better experience for end users.

😫 Debugging is difficult

  • Good tools for debugging customer issues in the blockchain do not exist as they do for modern web and mobile development.
  • Blockchain developers spend days of engineering time to debug simple problems.
  • Much of the data that is necessary for debugging is not accessible by developers, and if it is, there are no tools to search or filter results.
  • Debugging issues inevitably results in product downtime for users when they run into bugs.

😃 Solution: Alchemy Build

Alchemy Build lets you easily investigate bugs in your blockchain product with the following benefits:

  • Search through millions of your historical requests in milliseconds.
  • Gives you clear, filterable, human-readable access to all of your product’s activity.
  • Provides specific tools for diagnosing and solving super complex issues like Mempool errors.
  • Lets you quickly prototype and fix failing requests with immediate UI feedback, so you can ship fixes to your customers faster.


🔍 Logs

Instantly search through millions of historical requests to find specific bugs, performance optimizations, or patterns of errors.


Explorer Feature

😵‍💫 Mempool Visualizer

View the real-time state of transactions in the Mempool in order to identify delayed, stuck, or dropped transactions.


Mempool Visualizer Feature]

✏️ Sandbox

Make JSON-RPC calls directly from the dashboard in order to prototype and fix failing requests or explore the behavior of new methods.


Sandbox Feature

🐞 Debug Toolkit

Quickly scan recent requests and recent errors, plus a real-time query visualizer to help you debug faster than ever.


Debug Toolkit Feature