zkSync Era API Endpoints

List of all zkSync Era API endpoints

zkSync Era API Endpoints by use case

  1. Getting Blocks
  2. Reading Transactions
  3. Writing Transactions & EVM Execution
  4. Account Information
  5. Event Logs
  6. Chain Information
  7. Getting Uncles
  8. Gas Estimation
  9. Web3
  10. Real-time Events

Available Enhanced APIs

  1. NFT API
  2. Transfers API
  3. Token API
  4. Webhooks
  5. Debug API

Getting Blocks

Reading Transactions

Writing Transactions & EVM Execution

Account Information

Event Logs

Chain Information

Getting Uncles

Gas Estimation

Batch Information

Bridge Information

L2 to L1 Messaging


Real-time Events

Introduces WebSocket-based requests/responses which leverage a network connection allowing developers to listen for changes continuously without the need for HTTP polling.

Available Enhanced APIs


Transfers API

Token API


Debug API