Requests gas and coverage for a UserOperation. Returns paymasterAndData and gas parameters if approved, errors if not. Optionally accepts fee parameter overrides to be used in the UserOperation.

Network Support



Overriding gas and fee

You can override our gas and fee estimates using the overrides parameters. Use this parameter to optionally override available fields: maxFeePerGas, maxPriorityFeePerGas, callGasLimit, verificationGasLimit, orpreVerificationGas. This will apply either

  1. absolutes overrides (using a hex string) simply overriding estimated values entirely OR
  2. multiplier overrides relative to our estimates (in the format of { "multiplier": number } with max precision of 4 decimal places). For example, if the override value is { multiplier: 1.1 } for the maxPriorityFeePerGas field, then a 1.1 multiplier, or a 10% increase, is applied to the estimated maxPriorityFeePerGas of the user operation.

These overrides will be applied for every user op sent with this provider. A higher buffer may give UOs a better chance to mine if the L1/L2 gas and fees change.

"overrides": {
  "maxFeePerGas": "hex string" | { "multiplier": number },
  "maxPriorityFeePerGas": "hex string" | { "multiplier": number },
  "callGasLimit": "hex string" | { "multiplier": number },
  "verificationGasLimit": "hex string" | { "multiplier": number },
  "preVerificationGas": "hex string" | { "multiplier": number },

For backward compatibility, we will process at feeOverrideif overrides is not provided, however we suggest using overrides.

:warning:Deprecated: previous override using "percentage" has been deprecated in favor of "multiplier" values



This endpoint does not require a valid signature field. It just requires a dummy signature for gas estimation. You can use the dummy signature mentioned below when the sender account is LightAccount or SimpleAccount:


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