eth_getTransactionReceipt - Ethereum

Returns the receipt of a transaction by transaction hash.

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Use cases for eth_getTransactionReceipt

  • Retrieve general information about a transaction: This can also be used to get general information about a transaction or to track the status of a transaction since the result will be null until the transaction is mined. However, using the Mined Transaction Webhook is a better option for tracking the status of a transaction. Unlike eth_getTransactionByHash, which returns null for unknown transactions, and a non-null response with three (3) null fields for a pending transaction, eth_getTransactionReceipt returns null for both pending and unknown transactions.
  • This call can also be used to get the contract address for a contract creation tx. However, if you use tools like Hardhat to deploy the contracts, you can get the address of the newly created contract by using the Hardhat toolbox.



The receipt is not available for pending transactions.


DATA, 32 Bytes - hash of a transaction

params: [ 
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