SDK Core Methods

List of all SDK Core methods.


The Alchemy SDK Core Methods allow for interacting with the EVM network seamlessly.

Supported Methods

callReturns the result of executing the transaction.
estimateGasReturns an estimate of the amount of gas that would be required to submit a transaction to the network.
findContractDeployerFinds the address that deployed the provided contract and the block number it was deployed in.
getAssetTransfersThe Transfers API allows you to easily fetch historical transactions for any address across Ethereum and supported L2s including Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism.
getBalanceReturns the balance of a given address as of the provided block.
getBlockReturns the block from the network based on the provided block number or hash.
getBlockNumberReturns the block number of the most recently mined block.
getBlockWithTransactionsReturns the block from the network based on the provided block number or hash.
getCodeReturns the contract code of the provided address at the block. If there is no contract deployed, the result is 0x.
getFeeDataReturns the recommended fee data to use in a transaction. For an EIP-1559 transaction, the maxFeePerGas and maxPriorityFeePerGas should be used.
getGasPriceReturns the best guess of the current gas price to use in a transaction.
getLogsReturns an array of logs that match the provided filter.
getStorageAtReturns the value of the provided position at the provided address, at the provided block in Bytes32 format.
getTokenBalancesReturns the ERC-20 token balances for a specific owner address.
getTokenMetadataReturns metadata for a given token contract address.
getTransactionCountReturns the number of transactions ever sent from the provided address, as of the provided block tag.
getTransactionReceiptReturns the transaction receipt for hash or null if the transaction has not been mined.
getTransactionReceiptsGets all transaction receipts for a given block by number or block hash.
sendAllows sending a raw message to the Alchemy backend.