Zetachain API Endpoints

All Supported Endpoints for Zetachain API

API Endpoints by Use Case

  1. Getting Blocks
  2. Reading Transactions
  3. Writing Transactions & EVM Execution
  4. Account Information
  5. Event Logs
  6. Chain Information
  7. Gas Estimation
  8. Web3

Getting Blocks

Retrieves information from a particular block in the blockchain.

Reading Transactions

Retrieves information on the state data for addresses regardless of whether it is a user or a smart contract.

Writing Transactions & EVM Execution

Allows developers to write data on-chain, and interact with smart contracts.

Account Information

Returns information regarding an address's stored on-chain data.

Event Logs

Returns logs which are records that denote/provide context on specific events within a smart contract, like a token transfer or a change of ownership, for example.

Chain Information

Returns information on the network and internal settings.

Gas Estimation

Returns information on the network gas estimates.


Returns network configuration information.