Starknet API Endpoints

List of all Starknet API endpoints

Starknet API Endpoints by Use Case

  1. Getting Contract and Block Information
  2. Transaction Management
  3. Querying Transactions
  4. Account Information
  5. Chain Information
  6. Event and State Data
  7. Fee Estimation
  8. NFT API (Enhanced API)

Getting Contract and Block Information

Retrieves information related to contract classes and block details on Starknet.

Transaction Management

Submit and manage transactions on StarkNet.

Querying Transactions

Retrieve details about specific transactions and their status on the StarkNet chain.

Account Information

Retrieve information related to account nonces and contract calls which do not alter the state.

Chain Information

Obtain information regarding the current StarkNet chain and its synchronization status.

Event and State Data

Query logs and state-related data, including events filtered by specific criteria.

Fee Estimation

Estimate fees and resources required for transactions on StarkNet.


Retrieve information about NFTs, including metadata, ownership, collections, contract data, and perform validity checks.