Starknet API Endpoints

The Starknet API is a collection of JSON-RPC methods that allow developers to interact with the Starknet network. By using the endpoints provided by the API, developers can access up-to-date network data and submit transactions to it.


starknet_getClassHashAtGet the contract class hash in the given block for the contract deployed at the given address.
starknet_addDeployAccountTransactionSubmit a new deploy account transaction.
starknet_addDeclareTransactionSubmit a new class declaration transaction.
starknet_blockHashAndNumberGet the most recent accepted block hash and number.
starknet_getStorageAtGet the value of the storage at the given address and key.
starknet_blockNumberGet the most recent accepted block number.
starknet_getStateUpdateGet the information about the result of executing the requested block.
starknet_getTransactionByBlockIdAndIndexGet the transaction details given by the identified block and index in that block.
starknet_getTransactionReceiptGet the transaction receipt by the transaction hash.
starknet_getBlockTransactionCountReturns the number of transactions in the designated block.
starknet_callCalls a function in a contract and returns the return value. Using this call will not create a transaction; hence, it will not change the state.
starknet_estimateFeeEstimates the resources required by transactions when applied on a given state.
starknet_getNonceGet the nonce associated with the given address in the given block.
starknet_chainIdReturn the currently configured StarkNet chain id.
starknet_getTransactionByHashGet the details and status of a submitted transaction.
starknet_syncingReturns an object about the sync status or false if the node is not syncing.
starknet_getBlockWithTxHashesGet block information with transaction hashes given the block id.
starknet_getEventsReturns all event objects matching the conditions in the provided filter.
starknet_pendingTransactionsReturns the transactions in the transaction pool, recognized by this sequencer.
starknet_getClassGet the contract class definition in the given block associated with the given hash.
starknet_getBlockWithTxsGet block information with full transactions given the block id.
starknet_addInvokeTransactionSubmit a new transaction to be added to the chain.
starknet_getClassAtGet the contract class definition in the given block at the given address.
starknet_estimateMessageFeeEstimates the resources required by the l1_handler transaction induced by the message