Metis Chain API Endpoints

All Supported Endpoints for Metis Chain API

API Endpoints by Use Case

  1. Getting Blocks
  2. Reading Transactions
  3. Writing Transactions & EVM Execution
  4. Account Information
  5. Event Logs
  6. Chain Information
  7. Gas Estimation
  8. Web3
  9. Debug API

Getting Blocks

Retrieves information from a particular block in the blockchain.

Reading Transactions

Retrieves information on the state data for addresses regardless of whether it is a user or a smart contract.

Writing Transactions & EVM Execution

Allows developers to write data on-chain, and interact with smart contracts.

Account Information

Returns information regarding an address's stored on-chain data.

Event Logs

Returns logs which are records that denote/provide context on specific events within a smart contract, like a token transfer or a change of ownership, for example.

Chain Information

Returns information on the network and internal settings.

Gas Estimation

Returns information on the network gas estimates.


Returns network configuration information.

Debug API

The Debug API provides deeper insights into transaction processing and on-chain activity.