Trace API Endpoints

Alchemy provides access to an entire suite of Trace API endpoints, which give you deeper insights into transaction processing.




All Trace API endpoints are only supported on Ethereum Mainnet and Goerli Testnet.

trace_callExecutes the given call and returns a number of possible traces for it.
trace_blockReturns traces created at given block.
trace_getReturns trace at given position.
trace_filterReturns traces matching given filter.
trace_transactionReturns all traces of the given transaction.
trace_rawTransactionTraces a call without making the call, returning the traces.
trace_replayBlockTransactionsReplays all transactions in a block returning the requested traces for each transaction.
trace_replayTransactionTraces a call without making the call, returning the traces.

What exactly is the Trace API?

Is this a standard RPC endpoint, or is it something Alchemy has developed?

The Trace API is a set of non-standard RPC methods developed by the OpenEthereum team and is now maintained by the Erigon team, not by Alchemy.

How does it differ from the Debug API?

Trace API is OpenEthereum's (now Erigon's) equivalent to Geth's Debug API. OpenEthereum was previously called Parity Ethereum (see, however, it has now been deprecated so trace APIs are supported by the Erigon team.


You should be able to do everything you can do with the Debug API with the Trace API.