Pricing Plans

A guide to understand Alchemy's pricing plans.

Pricing Plans

FeatureFree TierGrowth TierScale Tier (Monthly)Scale Tier (Yearly)Enterprise Tier
Base Compute Units300,000,000400,000,0001,500,000,0001,500,000,000Custom
Approx. # Requests12,000,00016,000,00060,000,00060,000,000Custom
Base RateFree$49$289$199Custom
# of apps5153030Unlimited
Throughput (CUPS)33066030003000Custom
Full Archive Data
Multichain (Mainnet & Testnets)
No daily request limit
24/7 Support
Enhanced APIS (NFT, Transfers, Token, Notify)
Trace, Debug APIs
Reinforced Transactions
Transaction Simulation
Auto-scaling Compute Units
On-demand rate per 1M CUs-$1.20$1.00$1.00Custom
Pre-paid rate per 1M CUs---$0.70Custom
Custom SLAs
Committed Use Discounts
Pay in Crypto or NFTs

Auto-Scale Compute (Growth & Scale Tier Only)

Turning on autoscale gives you instant access to on-demand compute at volume discounts. No more worrying about your node going down due to a spike in traffic, or even waiting days for new nodes to sync. Autoscale gives you infinite scalability at affordable prices.

TierBase Monthly Compute Units (CU)Price per 1M CUs over base CUsPrice for Pre-Paid CUs over base CUs (per 1M CUs)
Scale Monthly1,500,000,000$1.00-
Scale Yearly1,500,000,000$1.00$0.70

Throughput (CUPS)

Each application has reserved dedicated Throughput, measured in Compute Units per Second. Applications can greatly exceed their dedicated throughputs based off of elastic demand in our system.

Since each request is weighted differently, we base this on the total compute units used rather than the number of requests. For example, if you send one eth_blockNumber (10 CUs), two eth_getLogs (75 CUs), and two eth_call(26 CUs) requests in the same second, you will have a total of 212 CUPS. Note that even if your application limit is 200 CUPS, this throughput will likely be allowed still by the system.


If you are experiencing throughput errors, or want create a more robust and reliable experience for your users, we recommend implementing retries.