searchContractMetadata - SDK

Search for a keyword across the metadata of all ERC-721 and ERC-1155 smart contracts.

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Search for a keyword across the metadata of all ERC-721 and ERC-1155 smart contracts.


querystringThe search string that you want to search for in contract metadata.


Promise<NftContract[]>array of objectsAn array of objects returning the nft metadata.

NftContract response parameters

tokenTypestringThe type of token in the contract. Options are: ERC721 = "ERC721", ERC1155 = "ERC1155", UNKNOWN = "UNKNOWN"
namestringThe name of the contract.
symbolstringThe symbol of the contract.
totalSupplystringThe number of NFTs in the contract as an integer string. This field is only available on ERC-721 contracts.
openSeaobjectOpenSea's metadata for the contract.
contractDeployerstringThe address that deployed the NFT contract.
deployedBlockNumbernumberThe block number the NFT contract deployed in.

Example Request and Response

Prerequisite: You will need to install the Alchemy SDK before making requests with it.

The commands for installing it using npm or yarn are given below:

npm install alchemy-sdk
yarn add alchemy-sdk


// Imports the Alchemy SDK
const { Alchemy, Network } = require("alchemy-sdk");

// Configures the Alchemy SDK
const config = {
    apiKey: "alchemy-replit", // Replace with your API key
    network: Network.ETH_MAINNET, // Replace with your network

// Creates an Alchemy object instance with the config to use for making requests
const alchemy = new Alchemy(config);

const main = async () => {
    const kw = "hair"

    //Call the method to fetch metadata
    const response = await alchemy.nft.searchContractMetadata(kw)

    //Logging the response to the console



    address: '0x1eac31a0b93e81bd093d116f5d36a83be08f381b',
    name: 'Sneakr Token',
    symbol: 'SNKR',
    totalSupply: '326',
    tokenType: 'ERC721',
    openSea: {
      floorPrice: 1,
      collectionName: 'SneakrCred Drop 1: EthAIReum',
      safelistRequestStatus: 'verified',
      imageUrl: '',
      description: 'The first official Sneakr Drop.',
      externalUrl: '',
      twitterUsername: undefined,
      discordUrl: undefined,
      lastIngestedAt: '2023-02-27T00:27:33.000Z'
    contractDeployer: '0xccb74148d315b0397da4e3c7482036dbadd762e5',
    deployedBlockNumber: 9458121
    address: '0x7e2a853626d75321d2b6ed060f6320324d31b7e8',
    name: 'Happy Little Hairdos',
    symbol: 'HLHD',
    totalSupply: '235',
    tokenType: 'ERC721',
    openSea: {
      floorPrice: 0.25,
      collectionName: 'Happy Little Hairdos',
      safelistRequestStatus: 'approved',
      imageUrl: '',
      description: 'Happy Little Hairdos is a parody collection of 10,000 unique NFTs celebrating the man we all know as the painter with a Fro. Straight from the imagination & hand of artist J.J. Weinberg, what began as a Prismacolor illustration on paper in 2014 & an idea of a ☕ table ???? has found its way onto the blockchain. Weinberg is determined to push the envelope on the connection of the metaverse & the physical world. Let the #FROMO begin!\r\n' +
        '\r\n' +
        'Details -\r\n' +
        '\r\n' +
        'Highlights\r\n' +
        '\r\n' +
        'Art / Print quality images 3000x3000k (Set to print at 10”x10” 300 dpi)\r\n' +
        'Coffee table book featuring “Curated Cuts” & randomly chosen HLHD’s\r\n' +
        'Infinite “Bob”jects\r\n' +
        'Early access to merch via the Fromo Boutique\r\n' +
        '“Curated Cuts for a Cause” the rarity’s for charity on these special tokens outside of the 10K\r\n' +
        'Access to Alexander Bill’s “ART”cade\r\n' +
        'Special token access to commissioned work by the artist & derivative license\r\n' +
        'Joy of Minting mini-series\r\n' +
        'Special thanks @cheforche - IG @jjweinberg - IG',
      externalUrl: '',
      twitterUsername: 'happylittlehair',
      discordUrl: '',
      lastIngestedAt: '2023-02-23T04:54:27.000Z'
    contractDeployer: '0x5582809dd5d7b8848397c6033d8a41e4b06f8ded',
    deployedBlockNumber: 12885162
    address: '0x82cb9d20862641301c987f0b096086d32bc11b65',
    name: 'AStrandOfHair',
    symbol: 'ASOH',
    totalSupply: '10358',
    tokenType: 'ERC721',
    openSea: {
      floorPrice: 0,
      collectionName: 'AStrandOfHair',
      safelistRequestStatus: 'approved',
      imageUrl: '',
      description: "It's a metaverse built by wizards. From just a strand of hair to the entire world. We are not just a meme, we are a culture strongly rooted by our community. ",
      externalUrl: '',
      twitterUsername: 'Hair_xyz',
      discordUrl: undefined,
      lastIngestedAt: '2023-02-23T08:27:10.000Z'
    contractDeployer: '0xc4c2a776a352a8994be83d2ef2bb4a9604dc6e97',
    deployedBlockNumber: 15210942
  }, ....

Code Sandbox

You can test out the searchContractMetadata method using the code sandbox below:

Use Cases

Here are some potential use cases for the searchContractMetadata method:

  • Finding relevant smart contracts: If you are looking for a particular smart contract to interact with on a blockchain network, you can use searchContractMetadata to find contracts that match certain metadata criteria, such as contract name, author, or version.

  • Analyzing smart contract usage: Blockchain networks allow for the deployment of multiple instances of the same smart contract, each with its own metadata. searchContractMetadata can be used to analyze metadata from various instances of a particular contract to gain insights into its usage patterns and adoption rates.

  • Auditing smart contracts: Smart contracts are self-executing and can be complex, making them susceptible to bugs and vulnerabilities. searchContractMetadata can be used to audit the metadata associated with a particular smart contract to ensure that it is trustworthy and secure.

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