NFT Activity Webhook

Get real-time updates when an NFT is transferred from the NFT collections that you track using the NFT Activity webhook



The NFT Activity webhook allows you to track ERC721 and ERC1155 token contracts for Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism and Polygon NFTs. This provides your app with real-time state changes when an NFT is transferred between addresses.

Example Response

When a token (ERC721 or ERC1155) from the token contracts that you are tracking gets transferred, you receive a response from the webhook that looks like this:

  "webhookId": "wh_u3oltrd647k1umip",
  "id": "whevt_9zh1ehb1iy5axun7",
  "createdAt": "2024-01-23T07:46:32.357014407Z",
  "type": "NFT_ACTIVITY",
  "event": {
    "fromAddress": "0x15dd13f3c4c5279222b5f09ed1b9e9340ed17185",
    "toAddress": "0xfae46f94ee7b2acb497cecaff6cff17f621c693d",
    "erc1155Metadata": [
        "tokenId": "0x15dd13f3c4c5279222b5f09ed1b9e9340ed17185000000000000020000000001",
        "value": "0x1"
    "category": "erc1155",
    "log": {
      "address": "0x88b48f654c30e99bc2e4a1559b4dcf1ad93fa656",
      "topics": [
      "data": "0x15dd13f3c4c5279222b5f09ed1b9e9340ed171850000000000000200000000010000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001",
      "blockNumber": "0xa98a55",
      "transactionHash": "0xc8d14d6649a186e6609fce2ac7c46145347ee9e2f0ba32869452755db5c668a1",
      "transactionIndex": "0x6",
      "blockHash": "0x44bd2324fc1343e862e34a94a1d5d573c80713ff62f1f7fcb0187837b13eb66b",
      "logIndex": "0xd",
      "removed": false

Field Definitions

Below you can find descriptions for each field of the response.

webhookIdUnique ID of the webhook destination.wh_v394g727u681i5rj
idID of the event.whevt_13vxrot10y8omrdp
createdAtTimestamp when the webhook was created.2022-08-03T23:29:11.267808614Z
typeWebhook event type.NFT_ACTIVITY
eventNFT Activity object.N/A
activityList of transfer events whose from or to address matches the address configured in the NFT Activity webhook.N/A
networkThe default network for the webhook.ETH_GOERLI
fromAddressTransfer from address.0x2acc2dff0c1fa9c1c62f518c9415a0ca60e03f77
toAddressTransfer to address.0x15dd13f3c4c5279222b5f09ed1b9e9340ed17185
contractAddressThe contract ID address.0xf4910c763ed4e47a585e2d34baa9a4b611ae448c
blockNumberTransaction block number.0x78b94e
hashTransaction hash rate.0x6ca7fed3e3ca7a97e774b0eab7d8f46b7dcad5b8cf8ff28593a2ba00cdef4bff
erc1155MetadataList of objects containing the ERC1155 tokenId & value.N/A
tokenIdRaw erc721 token ID.0x2acc2dff0c1fa9c1c62f518c9415a0ca60e03f77000000000000010000000001
valueTransferred value amount.0x0
categoryThe ERC-721 or ERC-1155 data standard.erc1155
logReturned log of the token NFT Activity event.N/A
addressLog origination address.0xf4910c763ed4e47a585e2d34baa9a4b611ae448c
topicsArray of zero to four 32 bytes of indexed log arguments.0xc3d58168c5ae7397731d063d5bbf3d657854427343f4c083240f7aacaa2d0f62
dataNon-indexed arguments of the log.0x2acc2dff0c1fa9c1c62f518c9415a0ca60e03f7700000000000001000...
blockNumberTransaction block number.0x78b94e
transactionHashTransaction block number.0x6ca7fed3e3ca7a97e774b0eab7d8f46b7dcad5b8cf8ff28593a2ba00cdef4bff
transactionIndexThe index of the transaction location in the block.0x1b
blockHashThe ID hash of the block in the blockchain.0x4887f8bfbba48b7bff0362c34149d76783feae32f29bff3d98c841bc2ba1902f
logIndexID of the event.0x16
removedTransaction is in a [chain re-org] ( & no longer in the canonical chain.false
erc721TokenId raw erc721 token id (hex string). null if not an erc721 token transfer.N/A

How to Set-Up NFT Activity Webhook

  1. In your [Alchemy Dashboard] ( click the Notify tab.
  2. Find NFT Activity and click the CREATE WEBHOOK button on the right side of the window.

  1. Select your CHAIN in the dropdown. Then choose your NETWORK.
  2. Paste your unique webhook URL into the WEBHOOK URL field.
  3. Add your NFT ADDRESSES.
  4. Enter your TOKEN IDS.

  1. Test your webhook by clicking the TEST WEBHOOK button.
  2. After the test is successful, click CREATE WEBHOOK. Your webhook appears in the list.
  3. Check your endpoint to see the responses.

To add/remove addresses from already existing webhooks check out update webhook addresses endpoint.

Useful Endpoints

Update Webhook NFT FiltersAdd and remove webhook NFT filters.
Webhook NFT FiltersPaginated endpoint to list all of the NFT filter objects a given webhook is subscribed to.
Create WebhookThis endpoint allows you to create a webhook programatically.
Delete WebhookAllows you to delete a webhook.
Update WebhookAllows you to set status of webhooks to active or inactive.