Enhanced APIs Overview

Alchemy provides a suite of web3 APIs that dramatically simplify and optimize common request patterns to make your life as a developer easier.

Access the blockchain like never before with Alchemy's continually expanding Enhanced API suite, and web3 developer tools! Query NFTs by the user, trace transactions, get real-time notifications in your dApp, debug smart contracts faster, and do more with Alchemy's supported endpoints.

Alchemy's NFT API allows you to quickly get all the information you need to know about NFTs from the blockchain including Ethereum and Polygon.

Rather than searching, indexing, and storing data yourself - you can now make one request to fetch specific NFT information for both ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens, like:

  • All NFTs owned by an address
  • Metadata and attributes for a specific NFT token

NFT API Tutorials

Transfers are a representation of value being exchanged between two accounts, and sometimes users wish to see the historical transactions associated with a specific account or address.

Getting historical transactions is currently an extremely challenging and inefficient task, requiring users to scan the entire blockchain and index everything to search for transactions associated with the desired address.

With the Transfers API, users can query all historical transactions for an address in one request!

Transfers API Tutorials

Fetch all transaction receipts for a block number or a block hash in one API call using the alchemy_getTransactionReceipts method - for mainnet and testnets on Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum.

The Transaction Receipts API uses less Compute Units (CUs) then batching all the eth_getTransactionReceipt calls for each transaction hash - saving you on compute cost.

Easily request information on specific tokens such as metadata or balances.

Alchemy currently supports the following endpoints:

Token API Tutorials

Alchemy provides a set of webhooks for tracking address activity, mined transactions, dropped transactions, and gas prices on several blockchains.

Developers can manually create webhooks from within the dashboard, or programmatically create webhooks to track activity for 10+ addresses using the Notify API.

Notify API Tutorials

Trace API methods give developers access to the most detailed information about on-chain activity, and allow users to get a full externality trace on any transaction executed on Ethereum.

Unlike the log filtering API, you are able to search and filter based only upon address information.

Information returned includes the execution of all CREATE, SUICIDE and all variants of CALL together with input data, output data, gas usage, the amount transferred, and the success status of each individual action.

Alchemy allows you to subscribe for push updates via Websockets on a variety of real-time alerts, such as pending transactions, log events, new blocks and more!

Subscription API Tutorials