Trace API vs. Debug API

The differences between the Trace API by Openethereum and the Debug API by Geth


Before reading this article you should know about Ethereum Clients and EVM Traces.


Geth and Openethereum are two popular Ethereum clients. In this article, we'll compare and contrast the debug API offered by Geth with the trace API offered by Openethereum.

Debug API

The Debug API is a set of RPC methods developed by the Go-Ethereum team that provide deeper insights into transaction processing. Some common debug API methods are:

  1. debug_traceTransaction
  2. debug_traceCall
  3. debug_traceBlockByNumber
  4. debug_traceBlockByHash

Trace API

Trace API Quickstart is Openethereum's equivalent to Geth's Debug API. It is also a set of RPC methods that provide deeper insights into transaction processing. Some common Trace API methods are:

  1. trace_transaction
  2. trace_call
  3. trace_block
  4. trace_filter
  5. trace_get
  6. trace_rawTransaction
  7. trace_replayBlockTransactions
  8. trace_replayTransaction

Difference between Trace API and Debug API

  1. Geth offers debug API while Trace API is offered by Openethereum.
  2. Debug API has more methods than Trace API. Here you can find a list of all the methods that Debug API supports.
  3. Debug API is more accessible than Trace API as the majority of the Ethereum nodes run the Geth client.