Learn about the hashMessage utils method


The hashMessage method provides the ability to hash a message using the Keccak-256 hash function. This method takes a message input and returns the hashed value of the message in hexadecimal format.


This method is useful for creating unique signatures for a given message and verifying the authenticity of the messages. The message can be any string or byte string, and the hashed result is always fixed for a given message.

Here is an example of using the hashMessage method in Alchemy SDK:

const { Utils } = require("alchemy-sdk");

let message = 'Hello, world!';

let hashedMessage = Utils.hashMessage(message);
console.log(hashedMessage); // 0xb453bd4e271eed985cbab8231da609c4ce0a9cf1f763b6c1594e76315510e0f1