Supported Subgraph Chains

See the supported chains and networks for Alchemy Subgraphs.

Alchemy Subgraph supports the following network values for subgraph data sources.

General Availability

  • mainnet(Ethereum Mainnet)
  • goerli (Ethereum Goerli)
  • sepolia (Ethereum Sepolia)
  • matic (Polygon)
  • mumbai (Polygon Mumbai)
  • polygon-zkevm (Polygon zkEVM) *
  • arbitrum-one (Arbitrum)
  • arbitrum-goerli (Arbitrum Goerli)
  • arbitrum-sepolia (Arbitrum Sepolia)
  • optimism (Optimism)
  • optimism-goerli (Optimism Goerli)
  • base (Base)
  • base-testnet (Base Testnet)

* Please note that the Polygon zkEVM chain is still in its Mainnet Beta and subgraphs may experience occasional indexing lag behind head. Please reach out to our team with any concerns!

Enterprise Only


Please contact our team if you'd like to enable one of these chains.

  • bsc (Binance Smart Chain)
  • chapel (BSC Chapel)
  • ronin (Ronin)
  • saigon (Saigon / Ronin Testnet)
  • xdai (Gnosis Chain / xDai)
  • arbitrum-nova (Arbitrum Nova)
  • avalanche (Avalanche)
  • fuji (Avalanche Fuji)
  • fantom (Fantom)
  • evmos (Evmos)
  • evmos-testnet (Evmos Testnet)
  • andromeda (Metis Andromeda)
  • moonriver (Moonriver)
  • moonbeam (Moonbeam)
  • mbase (Moonbase)