Bundler API Quickstart

Our Bundler API will enable you to submit batches of transactions to smart contract wallet accounts in a single request. We ensure the transactions are executed on-chain.



The Bundler API is currently in a Limited Private Beta phase. Access is restricted to a selected group of users who have been granted permission to test and provide feedback. The functionality and behavior of this method may change before the public release. Please note that availability, performance, and support are not guaranteed during this period.

If you are interested in receiving updates on this product, please sign up here. We will keep you informed as the product progresses and becomes more widely accessible. Thank you for your interest.

The Bundler API allows for batched transactions in which multiple transactions to be executed in a single block. By using a Bundler, you can optimize your gas usage and improve the speed and reliability of the transaction.

Overall, the use of a Bundler API can greatly improve the efficiency and user experience by simplifying the transaction execution process and optimizing resource usage. Below are the different endpoints used when deploying the Bundler API.

For a general overview of the Bundler API and why you should chose Alchemy's Bundler you can check out this page.



  • Our Bundler API is limited to private beta. We’ll be supporting the latest entry point version (0.6)
  • We will be releasing on testnets to start. Supported testnets: Ethereum Goerli, Ethereum Sepolia, Arbitrum Goerli, Polygon Mumbai, Optimism Goerli.
  • We do plan on supporting all EVM chains that Alchemy supports in the near future ⚡️

Submits a user operation to the client.

If the request successfully passes simulation, the endpoint will return a user operation hash that the caller can use to look up the status of the user operation. If simulation fails, or another error occurs, an error code and description will be returned.

Estimate the gas values for a user operation.

Returns the preVerificationGas, verificationGasLimit, and callGasLimit values associated with this operation.

Return a user operation based on hash.

Returns the user operation along with extra information including what block/transaction it was included in. If the operation has not yet been included, will return null.

Return a user operation receipt based on hash.

Returns null if the user operation has not yet been included. If it has, it returns the user operation hash and metadata associated with the included user operation.



Currently, we only support EntryPoint v0.6.0 at 0x5FF137D4b0FDCD49DcA30c7CF57E578a026d2789

Returns a list of entry point contract addresses supported by the bunder endpoints.

Alchemy already supports this API. Included from the spec for completeness.

Request Limits

API EndpointFree Tier (requests/hr)Growth Tier (requests/hr)Enterprise Tier

Please note that these are hourly request limits. Each request costs the compute units associated with the API endpoint. For more information, check out the compute unit costs page.