Direct Database Access

Query your underlying subgraph data via SQL with direct database access.


For Enterprise customers, we offer a read-only user to your subgraph's underlying Postgres database.

Use cases

  • Powering complex SQL aggregations that are difficult with GraphQL.
  • Powering internal analytics or dashboards.

Data schema

Every subgraph maps to a Postgres DB schema, and every entity in your subgraph maps to a table in that schema.

Each table row represents a state of a subgraph entity for a specific block range. Any time that your subgraph changes, the subgraph captures a new row.

Every row will have the following columns:

  • block_start_inclusive
  • block_end_exclusive

This allows you to answer complex time-series queries with your subgraph entities. For example:

  • You can track how the TVL for a Pool increases over time.
  • You can track total protocol users over time.