Gas Manager Coverage API Fee Logic & Usage Limits

Understand the fee logic and usage limits for the Gas Manager Coverage API.

Usage Limits

Alchemy fronts the gas for you up to a base limit based on your tier, and it adds it to your monthly bill.

If you need more gas you can easily boost your limits by buying gas manager credits in USD via our Gas Manager Dashboard. This is a one time purchase that will be applied to your bill at the end of the month and will roll over until it is used up.

TierMainnet Base LimitTestnet LimitTeam Policy Creation Limit
FreeN/Aunlimited free sponsorship10 Policies
Growth$100 / Monthunlimited free sponsorship10 Policies
Scale$500/ Monthunlimited free sponsorship50 Policies
EnterpriseCustomunlimited free sponsorshipCustom


To safeguard against hitting sponsorship limits, we've implemented alerts that notify the team's billing admins via email when gas manager usage reaches 50%, 75%, 90%, and 100% of the sponsorship limit.

Eventual Consistency and Sponsorship Limits

Our Gas Manager is designed to handle a large number of sponsorship requests quickly and efficiently. However, because of the way it processes these requests in batches, there may be brief periods where the actual spending slightly exceeds the limits you've set. This is rare but possible, especially when the system is handling a high volume of requests. Rest assured, we're actively working to minimize these occurrences and if you have concerns, please file a support ticket via our Discord server.

Fee Logic

To provide its services, Alchemy's Gas Manager Coverage API charges fees on sponsorships.

TierMainnet FeeTestnet Fee
FreeN/Aunlimited free sponsorship
Growth8% of Gas Fees Coveredunlimited free sponsorship
Scale7% of Gas Fees Coveredunlimited free sponsorship
EnterpriseCustomunlimited free sponsorship


If you need support, please file a ticket via our Discord server.

We have implemented a comprehensive support system on our Discord server to promptly assist you with any issues or inquiries. To create a support ticket, please follow this link. Here, you will find a quick guide with instructions on how to create a support ticket. Our dedicated support team is always ready to help you!