Reinforced and Accelerated Transactions

Achieve more reliable, faster, and cheaper transactions by tapping into the reinforced and accelerated transaction engine

The joint engine of Reinforced and Accelerated Transactions gives you the best possible transaction experience on the blockchain. This document will explain how these processes work and how you can tap into them.

Get Started

The Reinforced and Accelerated Transactions engine comes out of the box for Growth and Enterprise users, no action necessary. If you're on the Alchemy free tier in order to tap into the power of this feature you'll need to upgrade your account.


When a transaction request is sent to a node, it can fail for a myriad of reasons:

  1. Insufficient gas
  2. Lack of propagation to miners
  3. Network congestion
  4. Much more...

How Reinforced and Accelerated Transactions can help

Reinforced transactions aim to solve the issues above by sending transactions to a secondary infrastructure where they can then be monitored and re-broadcasted as necessary, all without costing additional fees or risking user privacy.

By improving transaction propagation, transactions should only ever fail when you need to manually re-price your transaction; otherwise, through this propagation mechanism it is nearly guaranteed to get mined.

Retrying the transaction helps increase its chances of getting mined sooner, and therefor accelerates the transaction processing by up to 3x the typical average speed.