What is create-web3-dapp?

Overview for understanding the groundbreaking developer tool for code templates and web3 starter code: create-web3-dapp.



Check out Create Web3 Dapp Quickstart or get started by running the following from your command line:

npx create-web3-dapp@latest

create-web3-dapp is an npx package that allows developers to create any web3 application, from a simple, barebones dApp to a feature-rich decentralized platform, in <4 minutes 🤩.

The create-web3-dapp package creates a NextJs-based web3-enabled application under the hood that is compatible with the most used blockchains including Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum. This allows web3 developers to prototype decentralized apps at lightning speed, using pre-made React components, webhooks, and APIs.

There are three primary resources within create-web3-dapp:

  1. The CLI Builder - select the options that you want to create dApp boilerplate code
  2. createweb3dapp.com - preview, try, copy and quickly plug in pre-built React components like the NFT gallery, NFT Minting page, Token balances panel, NFT collection info panel, and more!
  3. The Smart Contracts Backpack - create fully audited Smart Contracts and deployment scripts, directly from the CLI

How does create-web3-dapp work?

The create-web3-dapp NPX package uses a simple CLI tool to achieve complex features like wallet integration, frontend components, and smart contract generation.

Only what you need: No extra fluff. Just the required tools needed to get started: NextJS, RainbowKit, Alchemy SDK, ethers, Hardhat, and Foundry, all with a cohesive curated experience on top.

No Configuration Required: You don't need to configure anything. A reasonably good configuration of both development and production builds is handled for you so you can focus on deploying your contracts, and prototyping your dapp.

No Lock-In: You can “eject” to a custom setup at any time. Run a single command and all the dependencies will be ejected from your project, run it again and pick up right where you left off.

create-web3-dapp tool has been built to be dev-ergonomic, with no configuration or complicated folder structures, only the files you need to build your Dapp.

The onboarding process is quite simple. Install the npx package, select your desired features and settings, and get up and running in ~4 mins.

Check out the Quickstart - create a dapp in 4 minutes