NFT Image Caching
How to use Alchemy's cache of NFT images instead of third-party services

Why does Alchemy Cache NFT Media?

While NFT media is traditionally served from IPFS/third-party servers, developers often face slow loading times and timeout errors when using these endpoints. Alchemy solves this problem by caching NFT images and serving up NFT URLs from our own cache.

How do I use Alchemy-hosted NFT media?

Where available, Alchemy will replace the default gateway field of the NFT media object with a Cloudinary URL.
Alchemy-hosted NFT Asset
Third-party hosted NFT Asset
Alchemy-hosted NFT Asset
Third-party hosted NFT Asset
Here's an example of a Moonbird NFT asset cached by Alchemy:
NOTE: We're working on expanding coverage of Alchemy-hosted NFT endpoints. Feel free to reach out to [email protected] for specific questions!

Image Resizing

When using Alchemy-hosted NFT media, developers can request resized images for thumbnails, smartphone, tablet and/or laptop viewing. To use image resizing, simply change the URL to include width and height pixel values. Base Cloudinary URL: Base Cloudinary URL with Width & Height Values:,h_250/
NOTE: Developers can use any combination of width and height pixel values to create the desired aspect ratio for visual displays.