[Jan 25, 2023] New endpoints - Transaction Simulation

We are excited to release alchemy_simulateAssetChanges and alchemy_simulateExecution. More below. 🎉


[Jan 6, 2023] Increased limit for pending and mined transaction subscriptions

The address limit for alchemy_pendingTransactions and alchemy_minedTransactions WebSocket subscriptions has increased from 100 addresses to 1000 addresses.


[Nov 8, 2022] Removed support for Flow network

Starting on November 8, 2022 we no longer support existing and new accounts on Flow. We have communicated this over email to impacted teams, and adding here for posterity. We recommend using the Flow’s public access api. For Flow NFT API’s the Flow team recommends the following options:


[Nov 4, 2022] Breaking changes for NFT Transfer Activity Webhooks

We are adding wildcards for NFT Transfer Activity webhooks and moving to per block delivery.


[Nov 2, 2022] New endpoint getNFTMetadataBatch

The NFT API has a new getNFTMetadataBatch endpoint to conveniently fetch NFT metadata for a list of NFTs. Unlike other NFT API methods, this is a POST method that takes a list of tokens in the request body.


[Nov 1, 2022] Improvements to getNFTs filters

The includeFilters[] parameter has been added to the getNFTs API. When includeFilters[] are set, only NFTs that match one of the specified filters will be included in the result. For clarity, the existing filters[] param has been renamed to excludeFilters[] (note: this is NOT a breaking change, as the filters[] param will continue to be supported). includeFilters[] and excludeFilters[] are mutually exclusive, and specifying both types of filters will result in an error.


[Oct 26, 2022] Increased eth_call and eth_estimateGas gas limits on all chains

The eth_call and eth_estimateGas gas limits have increased for all chains to 550 million Gwei.


[Oct 14, 2022] Added alchemy_minedTransaction WebSocket subscription type

alchemy_minedTransactions is now available as a WebSocket subscription type on all EVM networks to subscribe to mined transactions based off given filters.


[Oct 11, 2022] AWS Dynamic Intermediate Certificate Authorities

AWS is updating their Certificate Authorities.
Most users will not experience an impact from this change.


[Oct 5, 2022] Deprecation of Ropsten, Kovan, and Rinkeby on Ethereum, Opt Kovan on Optimism, and Arb Rinkeby on Arbitrum

The Ropsten, Kovan and Rinkeby networks on Ethereum will no longer be supported on Alchemy. All requests to those networks after this date will return HTTP 410 errors. We strongly recommend switching over to Goerli as soon as possible. Here is a short guide on how to migrate.