[May 16, 2024] Fix block parameter for eth_getBlockReceipts

To align with the Execution API Specification, we now require the block parameter for eth_getBlockReceipts to be included in an array.


[November 30, 2023] Subgraphs Support on Polygon zkEVM

Alchemy Subgraphs Support is now live on Polygon zkEVM 🎉

[August 29, 2023] Base Support is Live 🚀

We are excited to announce that we are now supporting the Base blockchain! 🎉


[June 6, 2023] Optimism Bedrock Upgrades

We're excited to announce that Optimism Bedrock is live on the OP Mainnet 🔴


[May 23, 2023] Turned off Ropsten, Kovan, and Rinkeby on Ethereum

As a follow-up to our announcement of the deprecation of Rinkeby, Ropsten, and Kovan test networks last October, we've officially turned off these testnets. 👋

[May 10, 2023] NFT API V3 Launch (Beta)

We heard your feedback and made some improvements to the NFT API and launched V3 in Beta! It includes the changes below:


[May 4, 2023] Starknet public launch

Starknet and its native Account Abstraction are now fully available on Alchemy! 🚀


[May 1, 2023] Two factor verification at signup

We’ve added an additional verification step to our signup flow, wherein some users will be asked to verify their identity via SMS code or phone call. 📱


[Apr 21, 2023] Added address limit to "Add and remove webhooks addresses" endpoint

We've shipped a change to limit the number of addresses a user can send to the "Add and remove webhooks addresses" endpoint to 100 addresses per request in order to prevent large payloads from breaking things.


[Apr 11, 2023] New security feature: Account lockout

We've added account lockout functionality to further secure your accounts. 🔒