Transaction Error

I have a question About my transaction error, I by bitcoin and after i pay i did not notice the time is finish so the transaction was error but they still deduct into my Ewallet the amount, How i can recover my money or how i can receive my bitcoin? I already send the proof but still no progress

How to get X-alchemy-key

import requests url = "<"> payload = { "webhook_id": "wh_685dfzpx3ycychzc", "addresses_to_add": ["0xA931d58353914E5d74C707374C532d03301cc6d8"] } headers = { "accept": "application/json", "X-Alchemy-Token": "x-alchemy key", "content-type": "application/json", } response = requests.patch(url, json=payload, headers=headers) print(response.text) i am using x-alchemy key from <>, on top auth token was copied, but have error: {"message":"Missing required fields","name":"ValidationError"}

API alchemy_getTokenBalances always return "Unable to complete request at this time" with network opt-sepolia

![]( I tried with goerli network, it still work ![](

ProviderError: The method eth_estimateUserOperationGas does not exist/is not available

why i get this error while trying to get values from the bundler API : ProviderError: The method eth_estimateUserOperationGas does not exist/is not available this is the script used: const response= await ethers.provider.send("eth_estimateUserOperationGas",\[ userOp, EPC_ADDRESS, ]); console.log(response);


I can't pass the captcha, it pops up that there are too many requests.

blocked signup

how can i deal with it? ![](

Blocked signup.

while i try signing up my email in alchemy, it keeps showing that blocked signup. what can i do? please help me.

Alchemy provider chain error

I am trying to create an alchemy provider for account kit but getting import { LightSmartContractAccount, getDefaultLightAccountFactoryAddress, } from "@alchemy/aa-accounts"; import { AlchemyProvider } from "@alchemy/aa-alchemy"; import { LocalAccountSigner, type Hex } from "@alchemy/aa-core"; import { sepolia } from "viem/chains"; const chain = sepolia; // Create a provider to send user operations from your smart account const provider = new AlchemyProvider({ apiKey: "ALCHEMY_API_KEY", chain, }).connect( (rpcClient) => new LightSmartContractAccount({ rpcClient, owner, chain, factoryAddress: getDefaultLightAccountFactoryAddress(chain), }) ); But with the chain getting error : Type '{ name: string; chainId: number; }' is not assignable to type 'ChainConstants & ChainConfig\<ChainFormatters | undefined>'. Type '{ name: string; chainId: number; }' is missing the following properties from type 'ChainConstants': id, network, nativeCurrency, rpcUrlsts(2322) schema.d.ts(316, 5): The expected type comes from property 'chain' which is declared here on type '({ entryPointAddress?: string | undefined; opts?: { txMaxRetries?: number | undefined; txRetryIntervalMs?: number | undefined; txRetryMulitplier?: number | undefined; feeOptions?: { ...; } | undefined; } | undefined; } & ({ ...; } | ... 2 more ... | { ...; })) & { ...; }' (property) chain: ChainConstants & ChainConfig\<ChainFormatters | undefined> No quick fixes available Here is the package.json file packages ``` "@alchemy/aa-accounts": "^2.4.0", "@alchemy/aa-alchemy": "^2.4.0", "@alchemy/aa-core": "^2.3.1", "axios": "^1.6.7", "dotenv": "^16.4.1", "ethers": "^6.11.0", "node-fetch": "^3.3.2", "node-forge": "^1.3.1", "viem": "^2.7.10" ``` }, Node Version: v18.17.1

Unable To Get Sol From Solona Devnet

I'm not able to get sol from solana devnet Error: unable to confirm transaction. This can happen in situations such as transaction expiration and insufficient fee-payer funds

why i am not getting the option ethereum goerli network whjile creating an app ??

about ethereum goerli test network