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Internal Transfers on Polygon, arbiturum and Optimism

Do anyone know a reason behind on Alchemy transfer API it doesn't support the internals on Polygon, arbiturum and Optimism?

Does the transfers api consider selfdestructs as ETH transfers?

Right now there are external and internal transfers that the system accounts for, but I was wondering if selfdestructs are accounted for anywhere

SpamInfo is working now?

I requested getting NFTmetadata by using getnfts API to know the NFT is spam or not. https://docs.alchemy.com/reference/getnfts but the response doesn't include "spaminfo" object like this. https://polygon-mumbai.g.alchemy.com/v2/lyxS-yYlxQ8GlbfsrdK8zRvEw-7iBhNY/getNFTs/?owner=0x634758ce44D44904E25fFD9DaA3f6bCAFc3Dd0dA It is the same even if network is changed eth-mainnet,polygon-mainnet,,,, So,what do I do for getting spaminfo?

R2W3 NFT with On-Chain Metadata SVG Too Large

I've successfully completed the tutorial but now want to add my own SVG. However, it's too large. Is there a way to add it without error? Error: Transaction reverted: trying to deploy a contract whose code is too large That is the error I'm getting.

How to get date of NFT Sale

I am using the method outlined here (https://docs.alchemy.com/reference/getnftsales) to access all sales of a specific NFT. However, the data returned does not give the time or date that the transaction occurred. How would I use this data or this method to also get the date of each transaction?

Querying an NFT's transfer history gives me multiples of some results

I am attempting to get the latest 25 transfer history results for different NFTs. When I query it like this ``` alchemy.core.getAssetTransfers({ 'fromBlock': '0x0', 'contractAddresses': [address], 'category': [lowerTokenType], 'withMetadata': true, }) ``` I get a ton of results. The first one returned a transfer history from December 4th and looks fine. The other 24 that I am looking at all are on the same date and to the same address each time and the from address is also the same on each result. Why would I get a transaction from address A to address B more than once?

Why does the `tracerConfig` of `debug_traceTransaction` not support `diffMode`?

Why does the `tracerConfig` of `debug_traceTransaction` not support `diffMode`?