Unstoppable Domains API Quickstart


The Unstoppable Resolution Service API provides the functionalities for getting domain data and metadata regardless of that domain’s location, whether it is stored on Ethereum, Zilliqa, Polygon, or any other blockchain. The API is used to cache blockchain events in a database for easy retrieval without accessing blockchain APIs.

With the API, you can quickly build applications that directly communicate with the blockchain to get Unstoppable domain data with a single API request.


Resolutions Libraries Overview

Unstoppable Domains also provides a set of libraries to ease the integration of domain resolution into your applications. Please see the Resolution Libraries Overview for a detailed description and configuration.

Getting Started

Here’s a guide on setting up your Alchemy account and querying the Unstoppable Domains APIs.


Generating an API Key

Before being able to make any requests to the API, you must create an API key via the Alchemy dashboard.

Making Requests

All requests made to the Resolution Service API must contain the following headers:

Header NameDescription
API KEYThe Alchemy API key as a string

API Endpoints Overview

There are three primary methods in the Unstoppable Domains API:

  1. Get records for a domain
  2. Get records for owner addresses
  3. Get domain transfer events

Error Codes

To learn about the error codes you might encounter while using the API, visit the Unstoppable Domains Resolution Service Errors.