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Retrieve all contracts deployed by a wallet

I'm hoping there is an easy solution that I'm just missing but I want to be able to enter a wallet address and retrieve all contracts owned/controlled by that wallet. Is this possible?

Returns the number of unique users in the getContractMetadata API

I want to get the number of unique users of one contract, is it possible to return in the getContractMetadata API?

Do you have plans to implement Notify API for Solana?

Do you have plans to implement Notify API for Solana? It is challenging to scrap logs in Solana to find address activity, so it might be a good idea to have Notify API for these purposes or Geyser plugins in the Solana node

Units for gas estimation endpoint

Hi there, I tried using the gas estimate endpoint but I get a response that looks like this - "result":"0x42d9d364" What are the units for this response and how do I convert it into gwei?

SpamInfo is working now?

I requested getting NFTmetadata by using getnfts API to know the NFT is spam or not. https://docs.alchemy.com/reference/getnfts but the response doesn't include "spaminfo" object like this. https://polygon-mumbai.g.alchemy.com/v2/lyxS-yYlxQ8GlbfsrdK8zRvEw-7iBhNY/getNFTs/?owner=0x634758ce44D44904E25fFD9DaA3f6bCAFc3Dd0dA It is the same even if network is changed eth-mainnet,polygon-mainnet,,,, So,what do I do for getting spaminfo?

R2W3 NFT with On-Chain Metadata SVG Too Large

I've successfully completed the tutorial but now want to add my own SVG. However, it's too large. Is there a way to add it without error? Error: Transaction reverted: trying to deploy a contract whose code is too large That is the error I'm getting.