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Why is my app calling eth_chainId so many times?

Hello, I have a python script that uses web3.py and does various things like querying an address balance, trading crypto, getting price data etc. I noticed on my Alchemy dashboard that every other RPC call is an eth_chainId call. In my script I am calling Web3.eth.chain_id only once and storing it for the duration of my runtime. So I'm wondering how or why I am making so many calls? Do I need to specify chain id when I first instantiate my web3 socket connection or else it will make this call over and over? Something else? Thanks.

eth_getTransactionByHash input decode

How do you decode the input value?

Running Error : Type Error in index.js

Dear Team, I was in Second Part of the Tutorial , Minting my NFT , I went to the terminal and typed : node scripts/mint-nft.js. Then I got a running error on a file that I didnt write. It is a file automatically generated , called : index.js, the error is : TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'toHexString') How can I solve this problem , Please help. Arturo

Nft metadata force refresh

Is possible to get just updated NFT metadata from api like a force refresh? How long does Alchemy keep NFT metadata in cache until refresh it for public calls?

Address blacklisted

Hello. I can't seem to execute smart contract method on a smart contract. Alchemy endpoint returns this: `ProviderError: Address <xxx> is blacklisted.` Why is that? Why would an address on ethereum be "blacklisted"?

EVM_Snapshot error

I am getting this error when I test my smart contract on rinkeby ProviderError: Unsupported method: evm_snapshot. See available methods at https://docs.alchemy.com/alchemy/documentation/apis I am using this RPC url RINKEBY_RPC_URL_OLD=https://eth-rinkeby.alchemyapi.io/v2/BG92v2ejEUplKTgsKpmUiW8miuV6aGIO Is it because of deprication of rinkeby testnet? Should I test on Goerli? I am also using Chainlink VRF/Keepers in my code. Chainlink keepers do not support Goerli. What are the other options for me?