Blocked singup

Goodafternoon, I cannot create an account because the program keeps showing Blocked singup. Why is that? I hope for a quick answer. Thank you in advance. Sincerely Maik

dropped transaction webhook

can i receive a dropped transaction webhook when transaction status is dropped&replaced

How can I delete my account?

Hi, I would like to delete my account. How can I achieve it? Thanks & best regards, Robert

About letting go of rights

How can future projects involve more web3 enthusiasts, such as issuing tokens, etc. to encourage everyone to build?

Hi,here is a question about alchemy sdk

Hi,does alchemy sdk cost compute units?Thanks

When will the avax chain be added to alchemy-sdk ?

Need support for avax chain in the **alchemy-sdk** is there any estimated date for the release?

Capcha Registration

Capcha said too many response from my net or pc, try from other net or device, the same problem

Hi,here is a question about 【getAssetTransfers】API

Hi,when i use 【getAssetTransfers】interface to get all transactions of a given address,i find the total count(the tx with zero value is included) is not same with the data on EtherScan. For example,the given address is 0x3BfC20f0B9aFcAcE800D73D2191166FF16540258,when i use 【getAssetTransfers】interface,the total tx count is 4973(i have been remove the duplicate tx),but the data on EtherScan is 505+4357+189 = 5051, here is the snapshot on console: [block:image] { "images": [ { "image": [ "", null, null ], "align": "center", "border": true } ] } [/block] Could you tell the reason about this?Thanks!


Hi , is there any way to track internal transfer for optimism and arbitrum. Right now its not supported by getAssetTransfer for optmism and arbitrum, Any ETA on this

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como crear y verificar una solicitud para NFT