hCaptcha issue

I can't pass hCaptcha. I got "too many requests" error from it. I thought this is only my PC problem but my friends in another cities also can't Sigh Up Please fix that

Blocked sign up,please help

I signed up with google account but found Blocked sign up.What should i do? ![](https://files.readme.io/d2395b6-image.png) <br>

creating a provider for Amoy?

Hi all, How can we create a provider for the Amoy with "alchemy-sdk": "^2.3.1", Something like ... This question is related with the question below. <https://docs.alchemy.com/discuss/62fb458c95bee000365755ab> const netObj = { // name: 'polygon-amoy', name: 'maticamo', chainId: 80002 } const provider = new ethers.providers.AlchemyProvider(netObj, apiKey); Thanks Akira

Webhook is missing

Hello, <br> As I try to send multiple transactions at the same time, some webhook messages of transactions are not delivered to my server. Can you check why I can't receive webhook messages for this case, please? Thanks,

Delete Alchemy Account.

Hi. we no longer use the service and I'd like to delete my Alchemy account and the associated team.

Cost pricing data per API call for NFTs: Floor price, sales volume per period, Owners per Collections/NFT Token

Hello, Could you provide pricing data in compute units for the following NFT API Calls? 1.Floor price 2. Sales volume per period for NFT 3. Owners per Collections/NFT Token

Webhook support for NFT metadata including 30 day volume,Total Holders of Collection and Floor Price

Does alchemy provide a webhook to get live data for 30 day volume,Total Holders of Collection and Floor Price for NFTs? <br> Also, which marketplaces for NFTs does alchemy get data from?

Blocked signup.

![](https://files.readme.io/659499b-image.png) Why haven't I been able to register? I really want to register, please help me solve it <br>

delete account

delete my account now.

Navigating Deprecated Syntax: Building the 'Buy Me a Coffee' DeFi App Tutorial, Please update the syntax and usages of Hardhat.

I was following the tutorial to build a DeFi app called "Buy Me a Coffee" (link: <https://docs.alchemy.com/docs/how-to-build-buy-me-a-coffee-defi-dapp>). However, I encountered some deprecated syntax, which caused me to get stuck at certain steps before deploying it to Ethereum Goerli testnet. I am currently trying to find the correct way to complete the dApp. 1. The command `npx hardhat` will be deprecated; please use `npx hardhat init` instead. 2. In the scripts/buy-coffee.js file, `await buyMeACoffee.deployed()` has been deprecated. Please use `await buyMeACoffee.waitForDeployment()` instead. 3. In the scripts/buy-coffee.js file, `buyMeACoffee.address` has been deprecated. Please use await `buyMeACoffee.getAddress()` instead. 4. In the scripts/buy-coffee.js file, the statement `hre.ethers.utils.formatEther(balanceBigInt)` encounters an error. To resolve this, use ethers directly by adding `const { ethers } = hre;` and then use `ethers.formatEther(balanceBigInt)`. Thank you for your attention.