How can get all list of tokens with api ?

Not by one by one, How can I get list of tokens using API ?

Limit Batch request under 1s

HI team, I can see the limit of batch request is 1000. But when I call 2 request under 1s, each request has batch number is 150. For the second request, I got the error 429. Seems you limit request under 1s although the total batch of 2 request is under 1000. Am I correct? Thanks ![]( ![]( <br>

remove billing information

How can I remove my credit card information from your billing interface? <br>

Blocked signup. Aethir test

I'm trying to log into alchemy to try out the Aethir test node. However, the message “Blocked signup” appears and the process does not proceed. I am just a good individual. Please help me sign up. My Google Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) <br>

hCaptcha issue

I can't pass hCaptcha. I got "too many requests" error from it. I thought this is only my PC problem but my friends in another cities also can't Sigh Up Please fix that

Blocked sign up,please help

I signed up with google account but found Blocked sign up.What should i do? ![]( <br>

creating a provider for Amoy?

Hi all, How can we create a provider for the Amoy with "alchemy-sdk": "^2.3.1", Something like ... This question is related with the question below. <> const netObj = { // name: 'polygon-amoy', name: 'maticamo', chainId: 80002 } const provider = new ethers.providers.AlchemyProvider(netObj, apiKey); Thanks Akira

Webhook is missing

Hello, <br> As I try to send multiple transactions at the same time, some webhook messages of transactions are not delivered to my server. Can you check why I can't receive webhook messages for this case, please? Thanks,

Delete Alchemy Account.

Hi. we no longer use the service and I'd like to delete my Alchemy account and the associated team.

Cost pricing data per API call for NFTs: Floor price, sales volume per period, Owners per Collections/NFT Token

Hello, Could you provide pricing data in compute units for the following NFT API Calls? 1.Floor price 2. Sales volume per period for NFT 3. Owners per Collections/NFT Token