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como crear y verificar una solicitud para NFT

Error HH100: Network sepolia doesn't exist

When I type npx hardhat run deployments/deploy.js --network sepolia I get the same Error HH100: Network sepolia doesn't exist, although I have checked all codes

Getting large number of Logs

What is the best way to get large number of past logs and then subscribe to new logs without fear of reorg in between getting the information.

7 - How to Build an NFT Marketplace from Scratch

Hello, I am seeing mis-alignment on the home page although I could see all the data displayed when cloned and setup done as per tutorial 7 - How to Build an NFT Marketplace from Scratch. Can any one help with getting back the alignment. Thanks

cant SignUP!!

If I don't use a VPN, the error message is "Failed reCAPTCHA validation with error: BROWSER_ERROR " If I use a VPN, the error message is "Blocked signup.""/api/user:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 ()" The only time I waited the link to my email after verification, the result was not received for half a day!?

captcha error

cannot sign up because captcha error

Inquiry Regarding Support for Base

Do you have plans to support Base? If so, when do you expect to do that? I understand that Base is built on Optimism's SDK. Is there a way to cover Base through the Optimism API you are providing?

The hash of the blockchain is inconsistent with the official website

Why is the hash of the polygon zkevm blockchain inconsistent with the official website?

getNFTsForCollection's100 results limit

Hey! Is there any way to extend the 100 limit of getNFTsForCollection function? I'm using alchemy Api in Flipsidecrypto platform for finding the details of a nft collection in polygon but the problem is that collection have more than 10k nfts but getNFTsForCollection just returns 100 nfts at maximum

delete account

how to delete accounts