[Nov 4, 2022] Breaking changes for NFT Transfer Activity Webhooks

We are adding wildcards for NFT Transfer Activity webhooks and moving to per block delivery.

What's new?

Wild cards
Previously, you could only get transfer events for specific NFT tokens.

You can now use wildcards to get transfer events:
• for all NFTs for all collections (top level) 🤯
• for all NFT transfers within a given collection (contract level) 🥳
• for specific NFT tokens (token level)

Per block delivery
Previously, you would receive one webhook per NFT transfer.

We will now send one webhook per block to closely align with our Address Activity webhooks.
As a result, you will now receive an array of NFT transfer events per block.

What do you need to do?

You will need to update your code to handle the new webhook format - link to new format.
You do not have to recreate your existing webhooks.


We will be sending webhooks with the new format starting Friday 4 Nov.