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Collection Total Volume and other metadata

Hello, I'm trying to get some collection metadata from alchemy, and I'm not sure if everything is retrievable via api.

Metadata consists of the fields i'm seeing on a collection in opensea: Total Volume, Floor Price, Best Offer, % listed, number of owners , % of unique owners, total supply, creator earnings % and category (like pfps, art etc)

I managed to get a few of these:

  • floor price, total supply , by using the /getContractMetadata method
  • number of owners, by using /getOwnersForCollection
  • % of unique owners by using the total supply and the data from /getOwnersForCollection

I'm not sure how to get the Total Volume, Best Offer, % Listed, Creator Earnings %, and the nft Category - are these obtainable somehow via the Alchemy API ?