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Is getProgramAccounts API depreciated/ any thing updated?

Why because, recently one of client said his application don't fetching any NFTs when user connect his wallet . I checked the code, nothing is changed.. and I tried other provider and its works fine..
then later I discovered this error : {"message":"Method Not Allowed","logref":null,"path":null,"_links":{"self":{"href":"/v2/9rm_U5h0VzHn7r7qdx1YDLUkcIhg2kjH","templated":false,"profile":null,"deprecation":null,"title":null,"hreflang":null,"type":null,"name":null}},"_embedded":{"errors":[{"message":"Method [GET] not allowed for URI [/v2/9rm_U5h0VzHn7r7qdx1YDLUkcIhg2kjH]. Allowed methods: [POST]","logref":null,"path":null,"_links":{},"_embedded":{}}]}}

Can anyone explain pls..