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getNFTsForOwner shows Negative totalcount value for zeroAddress[]=0x4Ad8508B018696fD0178F13004F7cb434fE0c4e6&withMetadata=false&pageSize=100',

I've minted 5 tokens for the above contract but it shows negative totalcount for the zeroAddress in response


"ownedNfts": [],
"totalCount": -5,
"validAt": {
"blockNumber": 4781838,
"blockHash": "0x3760167da06e5da52b2f1a4d010400b13d2702b22f2e6008c96fa48e4ccbc78f",
"blockTimestamp": "2023-11-28T09:22:00Z"
"pageKey": null

how much time will it take to reflect this to a positive value ? This supposed to be a zero or greater the zero value.