Hackathon #1: Governance

The topic of the week: GOVERNANCE

Form groups of 3-5 people in the #weekly-hackathon channel. Once you find a group, tag @thatguyintech or @VittoStack to get a private team channel for communications.

In order to qualify, your project should implement:

  • a governance token (ERC20, ERC721, etc., up to you!)
  • a voting system using your governance token
  • a UI that allows users to vote

You should also:

  • explain how voting works in your system
  • consider Delegation concept

In order to submit, you will need ONE PERSON to share:

  1. Team name
  2. Team members’ Discord tags
  3. Team members’ Ethereum wallet addresses
  4. Name of your project
  5. GitHub Repo Link
  6. Demo Video or Slides link

When you are ready to submit your project, ONE PERSON should fill out this form: https://alchemyapi.typeform.com/roadtogov

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