[Oct 5, 2022] Deprecation of Ropsten, Kovan, and Rinkeby on Ethereum, Opt Kovan on Optimism, and Arb Rinkeby on Arbitrum

The Ropsten, Kovan and Rinkeby networks on Ethereum will no longer be supported on Alchemy. All requests to those networks after this date will return HTTP 410 errors. We strongly recommend switching over to Goerli as soon as possible. Here is a short guide on how to migrate.


[Oct 3, 2022]Added debug_ endpoint support

Following methods are now supported on Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum.

[Sept 29, 2022] Replace getContractsForOwner 'ownedCount' field with 'numDistinctTokensOwned' and 'totalBalance'

The ownedCount field of getContractsForOwner has been replaced with two new fields: totalBalance, which is the sum of all balances held on all tokens on a contract; and numDistinctTokensOwned, which is the number of distinct token IDs held. The ownedCount field (which currently holds the same data as totalBalance) is deprecated and will be removed after a few weeks.


[Sept 29, 2022] Stop defaulting to blockHash for alchemy_getTransactionReceipts (if both blockHash and blockNumber are provided)

alchemy_getTransactionReceipts no longer defaults to blockHash if both blockHash and blockNumber are provided. You will instead receive an error asking you to explicitly pick either blockHash or blockNumber.


[Sept 20, 2022] Changing capitalization of SummarizeNFTAttributes endpoint

The summarizeNFTAttributes endpoint (previously named summarizeNftAttributes, with 'Nft' uncapitalized) is now named summarizeNFTAttributes for consistency with the naming of our other endpoints. Please switch over to the new capitalization. For convenience, both names will be supported temporarily.


[Sept 12, 2022] Rename 'contract' field in SummarizeNftAttributes response

The 'contract' field in the summarizeNftAttributes endpoint response is being renamed to 'contractAddress' for better consistency with our existing endpoints. For convenience, both fields will be included in the response until 9/19, at which point the 'contract' field will no longer be returned.


[Sept 7, 2022] Removed support for trace_callMany and vmTrace

trace_callMany support has been removed in addition to vmTrace. See Trace API Quickstart for details.


[Sept 6, 2022] Removed Ability to Create Rinkeby Apps in Dashboard

The Rinkeby testnet will no longer be supported after the Ethereum merge so no new apps can be created on Rinkeby through Alchemy. We recommend instead using the Goerli network.


[Sept 2, 2022] Deprecated support for trace_rawTransaction

trace_rawTransaction has not yet been implemented at the trace node client level (Erigon) so Alchemy is unable to support this method. Once it is built on the node level we will bring back support!


[Sept 2, 2022] Deprecated support for alchemy_newFullPendingTransactions and alchemy_filteredNewFullPendingTransactions

alchemy_newFullPendingTransactions and alchemy_filteredNewFullPendingTransactions has been replaced with alchemy_pendingTransactions WebSocket subscription.